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    Candace has lived in Vancouver more than Two-and-a-half decades. Candace has lived and worked inside the Kerrisdale / Shaughnessy area and focuses on the bradenton area.

    Philosophy"The significance of home will not be underestimated. House is where we start and end each day. It really is where we collect our things in addition to our thoughts, where we connect with those nearest us in order to find rest from the outside world. Residence is not simply a roof over our heads, it is an integral part of our everyday life." CANDACE ROHRICK Shaughnessy Realtor®

    Candace has a background in communications and style. In the past she’s honed her skills in marketing while making a keen eye for properties with potential. Her education in journalism and interior planning together with over Two-and-a-half decades staring at the Vancouver market means her to supply her clients an all-inclusive real estate property experience.

    Candace holds a simple thought that the significance of home should never be underestimated. It is where starting our day, end our day, raise our families, celebrate and recharge. House is a fundamental piece of our way of life.

    Candace is very passionate about home; she loves cooking, decorating and entertaining. Candace also loves traveling, hiking the area mountains in addition to frequenting Vancouver’s many shops and restaurants.

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