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    WordPress has a marvelous relationship with all of the major search engines which is why sites that run it get more attention from those search engine than those that don’t. Each and every website owner and Internet Marketer knows that you will give yourself an advantage over your competitors in terms of SEO when you build your site on the WordPress platform. If you want to make sure that you get the best results possible from your WordPress blog, you still need to make sure that you optimize it as well you can for optimum performance so that you can reap long term rewards in the form of organic search traffic.Create Amazing Content: You might not believe this but this is an area in which lots of WordPress sites fall short and wind up losing favor with the search engines. If you want to attract the search engine spiders, impress them left, right and center while getting high quality one way backlinks then you should focus on creating good, valuable content. This isn’t as hard as it sounds; it’s actually pretty easy but few people actually apply it. So the first and foremost action that you should take is to work on your content so that you are able to get the most out of your WordPress site. Link to Valuable Content: Linking to other sites and resources that can help out your readers is a good thing and you shouldn’t be scared to do it once in a while. If you link to other websites or blogs you prove to your readers that you are confident in your own abilities to create content they’ll want to come back for and that you’re not afraid of sending them to someone else for a little while. Search engines are analyzers and award more points to those sites that have outbound links to other sites with high authority. You need to make sure that your WordPress site or blog is as useful as humanly possible so that both the search engine spiders and the actual people who read it are impressed.Sprinkle Keywords in Your Content: When you run your site on WordPress you are not absolved from using basic SEO principles in the creation of your content. It’s important to keep your keyword density at a good level within your content so that the spiders know you understand this fundamental aspect of search engine optimization. Don’t stuff too many keywords into your content but weave them in at targeted locations that seem important; beef up your synonym use to keep from repeating your keywords too many time within your article. You will not be able to do anything with your WordPress blog if it is not optimized for SEO. This is why is important to pay attention to little things. Keep putting all of your strength into getting the search engines to rank your site higher.These are simple article suggestions that you can learn how to apply. But, when you put these tactics into action you will realize that some of the things look simple. But they can have a big affect on your overall rankings in the long run.