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    Do you want to learn more about Florida Birth Records? Basically, it is a computer certification that encompasses an embossed seal incorporated into the secured paper, which meet the prerequisites established by Homeland Security and other national and international groups. Beginning mid 1980s, Florida has been issuing computer certification which is acceptable for the U.S. Passport Office, Social Security Administration, courts, school districts and other entities requiring proof of U.S. birth.Unfortunately, some old birth certificates do not contain the individual?s city of birth. Therefore, in wanting to get a passport, make sure to inquire if the said information is vital. To acquire a copy of this document, it?s a must to determine your eligibility beforehand. To be allowed, you must be any of the following: the person named on the certificate and not less than 18 years old, the parent, guardian or legal representative of the subject, or anyone with a court order.The next thing to do is provide details about the person whose file is being searched. In the request form, indicate his full name, date of birth, city and county of birth, and his parents? names. Moreover, enter relevant facts about you such as your name, relationship to the person you?re after, mailing address, phone number and signature. A copy of a valid current photo ID must also be attached in the application.In Florida, birth record comes in various types; namely, computer certification, certificates prior to 1917, photocopy of certification, additional copies, and commemorative certification. Each of these types differs in their functions and use and is also given to anyone for a certain cost. Choose the one that best suits your needs.All applications should be forwarded to the state?s Bureau of Vital Statistics through mail, phone, walk-in or fax. Methods for delivery include standard, rush and express. The waiting time period for the express mode is 1-2 business days, while the other means may take up to approximately 10 days to produce some results. Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records; hence, if you want to keep it private, just contact their office via phone or in writing.There?s significance in knowing how to look for Public Birth Records. For the convenience of everyone, the Internet now offers scores of search sites that provide such information. Everything you need is an online computer and a little time to browse through these websites. In a matter of minutes only, the data you want will be delivered right infront of you. Just pay a small cost and you?re all set.