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    Birth records are documents containing personal information regarding an individual?s birth. These details include the subject?s full name, birth date, and birth place. Information pertaining to the person?s biological parents may also be included in the record, as well as the name of the doctor who took charge of the delivery and the hospital where the individual was born. In Florida, documents involving Florida birth records are issued by state and local government. These records may have additional information regarding the subject, such as home addresses, as well as the maiden name of the biological mother.According to the Florida Department of Heath, birth records and certificates issued by the state are considered as vital. These documents are embossed with the official seal of the state of Florida. Such documents are specifically designed to meet the standards that are put in place by national and international entities, including the Department of Homeland Security.Since the mid-1980s, the state started to issue computer certifications of birth records. These computer certifications are widely accepted and recognized by various agencies and departments, including the Social Security Administration, school districts, courts, as well as the U.S. Passport Office and any establishments requiring proof of U.S. birth. When you conduct a birth records search, it is crucial that you first establish your eligibility prior to proceeding on your request.For you to gain access to certified copies of birth records, you will have to establish yourself as the subject of the birth record or at least be an immediate family member like a parent or a sibling. Legal representatives and guardians may also be eligible, but all requesters must be at least 18 years of age. If you are neither of the aforementioned, getting certified copies of Florida birth records will require a court order. Upon your request, you will be required to fill out a form that will require certain particulars about the subject like the full name, birth date, parents? names, as well as the city and county of birth.Once you have filled out the form and presented all the required information about the subject of your search, you may be asked to provide your own personal information, which includes your mailing address, contact info, as well as valid photo identification. But if your main purpose for requesting access to birth records is to do genealogical research or conduct background checks, the above mentioned method is just not efficient enough. You may have to resort to other means in acquiring the information that you need.In cases where efficiency and convenience are the order of the day, the best option for you is to acquire the services of professional record providers. In exchange for a nominal one-time membership or registration fee, you will have the full services of these record providers to aid you in your birth records search without any time-consuming processes. You will also get unrestricted access to their database of vital records, making your task a lot more efficient and economical, to say the least.